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Originally Posted by Gary7 View Post
You just need to loosen the header bolts at the head a little bit. Then unbolt the two bolts that hold the muffler to its mount and loosen the muffler clamps until they will slide off the muffler and up onto the header pipe. (There is also a bolt/clamp on the rear header pipe that bolts to the engine side cover. That has to be unbolted.) Lift up and out on the muffler enough to lift it up off the crossover port. At that point you can twist the muffler and wiggle it up and down while pulling it away from the header pipe. Keep doing that until you work it off the header pipe.

Installation is the reverse. Just don't tighten the header bolts at the head until you've got the muffler in place and the muffler bolts screwed in hand tight. Make sure you don't over-tighten the header bolts because you can strip them.
So the muffler clamp did not want to loosen; i.e.: the bolt was extremely hard to unscrew, and it does not close all the way...what do I do? As I far as I know, it is not affecting performance in any way, and I kinda managed to get it "stuck" (twisted the bolt on the clamp a little to create more pressure on the clamp) but try as I might, the bolt just WON'T tighten.......

I don't wanna give up, but...

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