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I for one prefer the simplicity of the air cooled pushrod hydraulic lifter engine for it's ease of maintainence,they are so simple a top end overhaul can be considered maintainence.
100K miles can be had out of a Harley engine with a little care before a top end job is needed and then the job is so simple the average Joe can do it at home.
By contrast a 4 or 6 cylinder,multi carb, multivalve engine with water cooling may make more power but is much more complicated to work on and most require valve adjustment every 5K -10K and over time can become more costly to maintain and repair than to replace.
There's a reason the scrap yards are full of unwrecked 10-20 year old jap bikes but there are still lots of 10-20-30-40-50 year old and older Harleys still running around.
I have over 120,000 miles on my Harley and it's been quite reliable , I fully expect to double that with ease and still have a running machine worth keeping.
It may not be as fast as a Goldwing but it's fast enough,handles well enough and it may not go as many miles without a top end job but but a fresh top end is easier to do than a valve adjust on the Honda.
Once that high tech wonder does get tired it's days are numbered do to the expense of repair.
The big jap bikes have their merits but so do the Harleys,they are just different.
Different strokes for different folks.
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