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Default A MG midget driver tried to kill me today.

Today at about 16:30 on the A38 westbound between Marsh Mills and Manadon exits on the A38 in Plymouth UK a driver tried to kill me, not accidentally but deliberately. They were driving a modified MG Midget, I know my MGs as I drove A CGT for thirty years. He refused to use the inside lane although it was empty for miles then finally moved to the inside lane and then when I passed turned directly in to me, his front bumper hit my boot and lower leg, he did this at 70 mph. I was on my real sports bike. I slowed all traffic and forced him to come off at the Manadon exit and confronted him, he claimed the MG was not able to maintain road holding like a modern car, bullshit, He had an unsecured collie dog in the passenger seat in his open topped car but here is the thing, his defence was he was a motorcyclist, he drove a 1200 cc bike, guess what 1200 bike he claimed gave him the right to try and kill me!
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