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Default It's been a little while

Been a few weeks since an update. Since then I've gotten a job up in the mountains, making food for a scout camp. I brought the Buell's engine with me, but no working motorcycle. I've got three more weeks before I return to civilization, but in the meantime I've been working on the engine out of my van.
I took out the exhaust valve to make sure it didn't have anything spooky that could have caused issues with the pushrod, or something. Didn't think it had problems but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
Also, I've never taken off a valve or spring before and that was neat. I didn't have instructions or internet service, but I figured it out without breaking anything, so that's nice.
Here's a few pics of my "mobile workshop" (click for link)
The valve stem has a fair amount of carbon built up on it, which I suppose I'll try and clean off a bit. Any recommendations for doing that with only simple hand tools? I don't have easy access to electricity, so I'm doing all this work with hand tools.
I'll be continuing work on it, and will update more when able to.
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