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coil wires are tight. coil is new. all intake and exhaust gaskets are new. Voes is operating correctly. Carb was rebuilt, new plugs and wires, new enrichner circuit. New regulator, battery.
Bike starts right up and will intermittantly hesitate buck and surge. After it gets nice and hot it seems to clear itself up but not all the time. It feels like an electrical issue to me. Almost like one of the cylinders is cutting in and out. The only items I haven't replaced are is the ignition module and the pickup. I don't think its the pickup because IMHO that wouldn't be intermittant. I have a Screaming Eagle ignition module for the bike but I need to cut the original one out and splice the new one in. My dad is a little nervous about doing it. Its definately not vacuum. I replaced all the gaskets and seals and used propane to test them. There are no leaks.
When this bike runs good it runs GREAT. The problem is that it sometimes out of the blue starts running really bad and is almost undriveable. Then suddenly it will clear itself up. Sometimes the bike doesn't act up at all. Its intermittant.
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