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Originally Posted by torxster
Schematic wiring diagrams, (for those who can read them) are invaluable.
A lot of people are scared of diagrams.

But there is no reason to be.

Don't look at the whole thing and try to understand it, you'll drive yourself nuts.

Look at the little tiny pieces.

Remember a circuit ONLY works when it is complete (when it makes a circle, from the positive side of the power source, through a load and back to the negative side of the power source).

The load is anything that does work, a motor, a relay coil, a light etc.

The negative side of the circuit may be a ground (a common attachment point like the motor or frame, that connects to the negative side of the battery).

So when trying to read a wiring diagram, sit down with a photocopy of it and some highlighters, then trace the circuit in question until you can see the whole circle.

Then look for places it might be broken and check each one.
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