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Default Ulysses Oil Fittings?

Hello everyone, quick question on the swingarm's oil fittings. I'm building a Blast and I swapped the swingarm for an 2006 Ulysses swingarm. I'm still using the Blast's oil tank frame for the oil, but decided I want to use the Uly swingarm as an auxiliary fuel tank, or store water in it while in the Backcountry. So, I need to plug up the holes for the oil lines. I know the drain plug is 1/2" 20, but I can't seem to figure out what the other fittings are. I assumed they were some sort of NPT and looked like maybe 1/4 NPT. I picked up some 1/4 NPT plugs, and while the pitch seems the same, the 1/4 NPT is definitely too thin to properly seal the hole. I looked up other NPT and found that 3/8 has the same pitch and is a bit wider, but when I picked up some, the 3/8 NPT is a bit too wide.

So anyways, does anyone know what the proper size plug would be?
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