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Originally Posted by BradX13 View Post
The bike was passed down to me 3 years ago when my father passed. <SNIP> It started after I moved back to New Hampshire. <SNIP> It normally only starts happening when it's warmed up.
Might be a clue - Moved from where?
Temperature change - Elevation change

Originally Posted by BradX13 View Post
I just did a full tune up but the issue was there before I did that and is still there. I performed a plug chop and the plugs look brand new still. The timing has not been touched since I've owned the bike.
1) What size pilot jet is in there?
2) How many turns out on the Idle Mixture Screw
3) What needle are you using?
4) Does this carb have any Dynojet parts?

Here's the Sportsterpedia section on the CV40 carb:

Carefully read over this... Then record all the parts in the carb - Take pictures if you can...

Beg/borrow/buy a timing light and clear plug for the timing hole - I would definitely check the timing...

Here's the Sportsterpedia section on timing:

Post the information and pictures here...

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