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Fascinating find, not sure what it means if anything. I tested the compression earlier, thought it was fine at about 195. I have the battery removed and the rear wheel raised, but I wanted to do some more investigating. I put the gauge in and turned it over by hand. Obviously this isn't as good as doing it on the starter, but I just wanted to do a quick test. It was lower, like 150, but again, I had the throttle closed and when moving it by hand it's much slower so some air probably escaped resulting in the lower number. I then removed the compression tester put a wee bit of engine oil in the spark plug hole. Put the tester back on it and spun the wheel. I expected/hoped that it would be around the same, but it was actually lower! And not just a bit lower, like 140 or even 100. It was like 25 psi, and I don't even know what to think about that. I did it multiple times and it always went to 25 psi. Bizarre. I'll try it again in the morning with a battery in it using starter, and see what happens I guess. I got no freakin clue. Anyone else have any idea what sort of thing is going on?
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