Thread: Ironhead 69 xlch won’t start
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Old 15th August 2021
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So, my timing plug blew out - it was stripped, but had been hanging in with red loctite. Tapped it out to 11/16 very carefully (stuffed piece of pantyhose in hole and greased up the tap, removing a few times to clean out chips) and installed over sized plug.

Again was a bitch to get started. I will experiment with fewer prime kicks and no throttle. I have also been wondering about intake leaks- I did pull the manifold as part of troubleshooting- alignment and o-rings seem fine. I did notice yesterday that there are some cracks in the rubber connector from manifold to carb but they don’t seem to be deep. Is there a way to test for intake leaks?

Now that there is a couple hundred miles on the build I am also going to recheck pushrod adjustment.
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