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Originally Posted by perfesser View Post
harley will die because in their hubris they refuse to sell a bike for less than $15000. the median price to 'join the family' is over $20000 if one looks at all models for sale. harley sells to old people because old people have money. the leadership of the moco intend to target harley-davidson as a 'boutique' brand, like lamborghini and ferrari. the marketing plan is selling fewer, higher priced motorcycles to an eager to purchase public. this is a flawed premise. there might be ten people on this planet who consider harley-davidson a manufacturer of premier motorcycles, like ducati or aprilia or even bmw. harley is what it is, a producer of generally useful, functional motorcycles with a romantic past. unfortunately, there are a lot of bikes that are just like the sportster 's' that sell for $15000, but there is NO other bike sold by ANY manufacturer that is like the sportster.

the moco has manufactured prototypes of upgraded and usefully improved sportsters over the years, and each time decided the cost of production was not worthwhile since the machine it would replace already sold every unit manufactured. this was not the consumer's decision not to buy it, it was the moco's not to sell it.

i must reject your premise that the members of this forum who reject this inferior in functionality, overly expensive replacement are retrograde whiners or retards. rather, each generation of sportster purchaser have generally embraced improvements to the basic machine, such as the evolution engine in place of the ironhead, the improved five speed transmission that replaced the four, the improved charging system, the clean and quiet belt drive, the improved comfort afforded by rubber mounting the engine, the increased horsepower from fuel injection, etc.

the moco turned their back on the 'new to the brand' purchaser when they chose to end production of their best selling model worldwide, the street 750. americans hated it. the world loved it, especially the world of purchasers who don't have $15000 to drop on an expensive toy.

the criticisms of the sportster 's' are valid. how many months before the first lawsuit for leg burns to a rider in a los angeles traffic jam? the execrable riding position, the poor range, the lack of fenders, the clownish tires; these are observable facts a person may consider before they purchase this machine. i expect many will and decide to purchase something else.

the biggest problem with this model isn't even the shortcomings of the design of this replacement model; it's the very strong likelihood that even if the moco could sell 36000 units a year to replace the revenue 60000 sportster and streets brought to the company, the purchaser of the sportster 's' is most likely a person who would have purchased a fatboy, a springer or an fl. * the moco will merely sell one big twin instead of another big twin. there is no increase in overall revenue from the sale, and eventual failure of the company is the result.

this discussion has become tedious and saddening. this is my last post on this topic. going out to the garage and spin a wrench on my sportster.

*but not an fxr, the dyna is cancelled too.
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