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Bert - Are you still working on this?

Originally Posted by IXL2Relax View Post
Thank You - I appreciate the assurance of continued attention...

I don't know how many other forums may have previously used vPortal with vBulletin and then upgraded to a later version and lost the 'Active Threads' capability - but I have to believe we're not the only forum who experienced & noticed that loss... Some other extension of vBulletin may already provide that extended 'active threads' capability...

If all else fails with contacting vBulletin or reviewing other vBulletin extensions, please post a final request for help before giving up on the effort --- At that point, I would reluctantly try to dig deep enough into the situation to create a kludged solution outside the vBulletin software, with your help, of course...

Some times, brute force efforts can accomplish a sufficient solution where 'the developers' simply take no interest in providing what is needed...

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