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I was thinking about getting a springer, I really like the look and I've heard lots good things about them. However, I'm pretty sure that the blast steering stem is very different, like way longer than you'd expect. The frame is thick because of the oil tank, and then the motor mount is separately welded to the steering tube at a lower section, so I think it wouldn't be thaaat easy.
Also, I picked up the flanges on eBay a while back, I'll see if I can find more about them. I always like the look of finned flanges and the flange on my Buell was a bit bent already, like over tightened or something odd. I'm sure it could still seal, as it was putting plenty of pressure to keep the header pressed into the gasket, but it was really hard to get it over the studs.
Additionally I've started welding a wee bit. I'm very much a beginner, and don't have a welding machine, but I've been using old spare motorcycle batteries wired together. Three wired up makes my than enough to use stick welding rods, and I've extended the kickstand so it can touch the ground.
The setup splatters a lot of metal though, and I can only run the batteries for a few minutes before they start to get low. Then I charge them for an hour or so and continue. Not efficient, but hey, that's what I got. I'm gonna try some thinner sticks and only two batteries and see how that goes.
Also, I think I'll just move the shock mount up to lower the bike back down. Way easier and cheaper, and it's pretty extreme right now. I'll have to cut up the bottom of the seat pan, but that's not too hard.
Anyway, I'm out of town for a family gathering and I'll get to it soon enough
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