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Default 70 xlch tuneup and intake manifold

So i just bought this bike a few weeks ago, 70 xlch. Going over some issues. Since it is a new bike to me I feel like I should give it a complete tuneup, valves, pushrods, points, plugs, carb, oil change. 1st question, would that be the best order to do it in.

The intake manifold support bracket I noticed is missing. No biggie, I'll just get another; but then I notice that the S&S Super E shorty is being held on by some aftermarket hose and clamps; not the original bands, clamps, or orings.

The bike fires up but runs horrible, which is why I want to give a complete tuneup. The intake manifold no where nearly lines up with the intakes on the heads. I've read that I could adjust the heads to help, but i mean it is no where even close. The current aftermarket hose and clamps appear to be holding strong; so I'm just curious if this misalignment is a big deal or not if there are no leaks?

Rear head:

Front head:
'70 XLCH Ironhead Sportster - '16 FLHXS
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