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Default Oil Pressure

My first time on this site , so hallo to all from down under. Just became the custodian of a '93 1200 Sportywith 35000 klm'son the clock, and as you do with a new toy, washed it polished it and gave it a basic service. Just so that I would know where I was starting from. Now when I say I'm old school, I mean it. My Motorcycling career started with late 40's, early 50's British bikes, and the way you checkedthe oil flow was to remove the oil cap on the tank( same position as the sporty, some things never change) and watch the oil returning into the top of the tank. You will probably all know what's coming next! I eased out the oil plug bung, and out shot a great glop of oil, definitly under pressure, and all over the newly washed paintwork.So here's my question, is the tank meant to be under that type of pressure, and does it ever get to the point of blowing out the bung in the top, or splitting the tank? Ozzeroky
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