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I have a LePera Daytona Daddy Long Legs. I'm 6' 1" 220 lbs, 34" inseam, 36" sleeve. Long arms and legs, short torso for reference.

It sits me lower and farther back. Gives a better position (for me) and my knee now (just) clears my offset Hammer Impact air cleaner assy.
It's more comfy. Way better than the OE seat. Not an all day seat but pretty good. For 50 miles it's comfy, then less comfy but tolerable and never terrible like other seats I've had. It's bit narrow. That's one of the things that jumps out at you when you first sit on it, along with the nicer position it puts you in plus it really looks good on the bike.

I want to try a Sundowner. There's a dealer that's in the seat demo program about 30 miles from me. I'd still like an all day seat to go with the LePera.
2017 XL1200C in Wisconsin, USA
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