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Default tucking wiring etc....advice needed

Hello everyone.

I'm new here but I've been lurking the crap out of this forum for a while now I've read literally hundreds of threads and hate asking old questions. So I'll keep this specific to my issue.

I got my 07 nightster a few weeks ago.

I decided to do 12 mini apes, coil and ignition and a tank lift/wire tuck. Last night I internally wired the apes and reconnected the molex connectors. It was a chore to say the least, but I got it done. Problem is those connectors aren't long enough to reach the wiring harness on the frame.... Now my question is, when I do the coil relocation and "wire tuck" under my tank lift today, will I make any more length on the harness on the frame? I did the brake cable and everything else works fine, I just can't plug my hand controls in

Should I extend from the wiring harness on the frame and reuse the connector? (I'd really like to keep them since they making switching out so easy in the future. I have room to hide them under my tank lift (I would assume anyway)

If I'm just screwed and I need to extend the harness I guess I could cut the connectors off the harness and extend the lines.... That means soldering on the bike and that's gonna take forever if I'm careful.

I'll move the coil and ignition tonight after work but until I figure out how to plug in my hand controls...I'm stuck... Should I wait a day and order some kind of kit? If there is not new connector and I just have to splice, I'll do that myself. I should have just measured first and extended the control wires... I saw so many of you who got away with just a brake cable on the 12 inch mini apes, I figured I was good.

for any of you who didn't extend wiring when doing 12 inch HD mini's (internal wired)

Please shed some light. I'd love to not have to make 28 solder connections if I don't have to.
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