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pics coming....

So i got it all done. Got the extensions, got the connectors back on and all was well on the test ride.

Until this a.m.

my right blinkers no longer work

They worked fine last night, and not now. Running lights are fine (they stay on) and brake lights are fine, but when i hit the turn signal nothing happens.

I will say that when the little "alarm" thing goes off they all blink bright. This leads me to believe it's not a fuse, and something is -I LUV XLF!--I LUV XLF!--I LUV XLF!--I LUV XLF!-ed.

I guess I'll pull the tank first and check the connector and wires. If it's not shorted there I guess it could be up in the control. Good news is all the extensions are accessible, but I tested everything after the shrink wrap....


I was so close to havin it all did in 2 days.

Any suggestions of where to start?
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