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hey Guys I'm the owner of / --I notice a refer link in my web site stats, so I thought I'd register and pitch in and answer some questions.

in regard to the night riding glasses --lens color is a preference. If you do not live in a City I'd suggest the Amber lens glasses as they brighten up any light from a car, etc. I live in NYC so I ride with the clears since we have street lights everywhere, but again, it's preference.

regards to Creep: you must have gotten a bad pair, which I'm sorry for. I've personally been riding with the same pair of the glasses that *I* sell for the last 2 1/2 years, and I've had NO peeling, and no breakage. On my website I state that I do not accept returns, but if let me know you're having a problem, more than likely I will work something out with you. I never received a email from you or anyone else about a hinge problem --I *have* heard of the peeling problem, and it must have been a bad batch that I received and I have replaced some glasses with new ones for the guys who have let me know. CREEP--If you send the pair of glasses back I will replace them with a new pair for you (feel free to PM or email me and we'll take care of this!).

Just a note to everyone --this isn't my main business, I started this to pass along good deals to fellow bikers, because behind everything, I'm a biker like you guys, who was ready to buy wileyX or Panoptix and couldn't see spending $100+ on glasses. You can read about me on a lot of the Harley forums --I try to respond ASAP to any emails I receive and work with you to best way possible. I'm here moreso to help out, not make a ton of money. I offer alot of specials on different forums. So if you have any questions please feel free to email me.

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