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The Never-ending Story This is where you can start or add to a work of fiction. Anything goes as long as it is fiction and it meets the standards of the public forum area.

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Old 22nd February 2008
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Saturday morning and Tia was watching some new cartoons on the tube. Kaite didn’t really care for most of them but Sponge Bob seemed ok, Squidward and Patrick were a riot as far as cartoons went.
Tia you have a few more minutes and then we need to go to the store and get the groceries for the BBQ. Tia did you here me pumpkin? Yes Momma I heard you but I was playing with my dolls and watching the TV and wasn’t really listening, sorry momma.
Its ok pumpkin why don’t you get your things together so we can go to the store, ok momma.

She decided to get some steaks and some hamburgers with all of the trimmings. She really loved to cook outdoors. Tia was waiting by the door with here two favorite Barbie’s when she came out of the kitchen. She always had an blond and a brunette. Katie always wondered why that was but like so many other little things she let it pass into the world of unanswered questions. They usually went to the Safeway for their needs as it was affordable and fairly close to the house. Inside the store Tia was always willing to run ahead and find the things she told her they needed, often quoting prices and selecting the “Best Bargain” as she put it. Katie wondered where she got that phrase from, probably her mother or a TV commercial. But she was bound and determined to keep her in sight with her ex lover in the area. Who knew how far that bastard would go to hurt her now that he new he had a daughter. It would be typical T to come barging back into her life uninvited and ruin everything she had worked so hard to correct in her messed up life.
Momma can we get some hotdogs with cheese in them and some root beer and some ice cream?
Sure honey anything you want except no jalapeño hotdogs, last time we had those I almost burned my toes off. Tia giggled her sweet little giggle and put her barbies up to her face to hide the fact she had lost one big tooth and was still to self conscious about it. Your silly momma those hot, hot dogs can’t burn you toes off, do they?
No sweetie I was making a little joke. Oh, thanks momma.
After she loaded up the cart and headed out to the car her cell phone rang in her purse right next to her .38 stubby nose with hollow points. No sense in taking any chances. She had her concealed permit somewhere in there as well.

Hey Kate its me Doug. Hi Hon what’s up? Oh not much you know the usually bank robberies, assignations, slave traders and well the usual. Kate always laughed when he tried to play big sheriff. Actually I’m sitting on my butt doing paperwork instead of catching those Cactus rustlers from a few days ago.
Hmm sounds terribly dangerous. Yeah well I could get a paper cut and a sprained finger or worse.
I just finished shopping for the BBQ for tomorrow and was headed for the liquor store. Anything you want in that area?
Yeah how about a bottle of Makers Mark Whiskey, you know the stuff that puts you in the mood.
Ha, nice try slicky boy. You know I don’t need that to get in the mood.
Yeah I know, I was just thinking about your long lost friend and the effect he was having on you lately.
I’m sorry about all that its just apart of my life I thought I had left behind and like a freakin wart it just won’t go away.
Yeah I know well hopefully we can do something to forget about it. Is your friend still planning on showing up?
Knowing him he will but I hope he really doesn’t.
Tia was looking up at her momma at the mention of the man they had met the other day but did not say anything, Kate changed the subject and unlocked the car door to put the groceries into the trunk.
I gotta get going the ice cream will melt if I stand out her to long and I still have to get some beer and a certain bottle of whiskey. Call me when you get off of work, ok?
Ok see you later. Doug smiled as he hung up the phone. He might get lucky after all. That whiskey was smooth as glass and could mellow out any issues they might have for a few hours anyway.
As she was putting the groceries in the car Kate thanked her lucky star, if she had one, for Doug’s friendship and steady hand he was exactly what she needed right now.

The trucks were being loaded with the tables and equipment that had been out in the open for the current operation. T and Lego were off to the side picking up garbage and removing anything that the team had used or even looked like they had used into the black garbage bags. Several of them we in medium sized trash container made out of cardboard. Browny said they tended to burn better, hotter and would ensure any paper of other items were completely obliterated, or enough for this operation anyway. T had loaded his bike in the other van that showed up early this morning. No descript cargo van but this one was completely empty in the back. Enough room for his bike and anything that Lego had taken out of his truck.

Every time he looked at that bastard Lego he could envision how many ways he could kill em, all in a slow methodical manner. Sometimes he had to actually make himself think of something else just to keep from killing the bastard right then. He looked away now, his time would come as soon as this job was over with or without Brownys permission he would get this mark.

Lego had undergone a transformation much like T had. Tom was an avid Barber or at least he seemed to be. He had cut Legos beard and mustache off completely, the transformation was just like the movie Jeremiah Johnson when he cut off his beard as it was chaffing his Indian wifes tender skin. His wife almost didn’t recognize him when he came back to the log cabin. Redford looked allot better then ass face Lego. Actually he did have an ass face. Big puffy checks red from too much drinking. His checks were so fat they almost touched the sides of his short thin nose. His ears were pasted against his face. Head on he didn’t even look to have any ears or a neck for that matter. He had gotten a very military type hair cut not quite a high and tight but close enough. On Lego it looked more like a high and stupid. He had too much of a gut to get a suit to fit him well so they went preppy on him with a tuck in long sleeve shirt to hide the tats, a cardigan type sweater, slacks and some decent loafers. The skin tone makeup they used almost made him scream when they put it on to hid the gray un tanned skin of where his beard used to be. He looked way out of his element but no one would recognize him at a glance. Hell you would have to look real close to even tell he was a biker, ex biker that is. Actually he looked like perverted version of a playground pervert at that, but you could only do so much with what he had.

Lego was not a good preppy actor for that matter. His legs splayed out in front of him and looked like they we bowed back and to the side when he stood up and tried to act normal. His belly was bigger than Santa Clauses and his arms looked like he was always halfway between lifting them all the way up or all the way down sticking out at 45’ angles to hi shoulders. The sunglasses helped but not much. Actually he looked like an old guy trying to look young. God knows Arizona had a million of those types all over the place. He had opted for a baseball type cap, with no logo, probably to hide behind and Browny didn’t object so his the look was finalized.

Browny was talking on his sat phone to someone, T could not make out what he was saying. Bob and Tom were standing by the truck looking at nothing. Only problem was with those two they were never just doing nothing. They were always accessing the situation, never idle and well paid to be that way. Browny kept nodding his head yes this and yes that then he folded the phone and called everyone over to him. Well gents it looks like we are here for a day or two more as team two and three get positioned. We don’t all want to show up in the same place at the same time. It could draw to much attention to our selves.
So what’s the plan boss, T said. Bob and Tom rarely talked. Lego looked uninterested and dreamed of a cold beer.
For starters we are leaving this little establishment and heading to Winslow Arizona such a fine site to see it’s a girl my lord in a bright red ford slowing down to take a look at me, take it easy take it ee ee ee eeasy, bah dum dum.
Bob and Tom smiled at each other knowing that Browny had been waiting all day to use that line on these yahoos. Man I love those old eagles songs don’t you guys?
T shook his head and rolled his eyes, God Browny your still a corn ball even with all this fancy shit for killing people your still a goofy bastard, man.

Yeah, Yeah, anyway it’s right off of the interstate and has some of the items we need for the road.
Man I hope they have a freakin bar there, I need a drink real bad.
You’ll get there soon enough Lego but until then your still on the roster, got it? Yeah I got it man that don’t mean I gotta like it though. Lego was starting to shake as the DT’s were showing signs they were on him.
Anyway we will be there for two days. One of our travel trailers will meet us there at the local KOA type establishment. No one goes out alone from now on gents and I mean now one, to the stores, to take a crap or anything else. Mainly because you two are still not on the complete trust list. And you two are not to be out with each other for some time yet with out some adult supervision. Do I make myself clear? Yeah, Yeah we got you man.

A ford 3500 1 ton dually with a state of the art outfitted travel trailer was pulling out of Sams Town Casino heading south on the Boulder Highway toward Kingman Arizona then onto I-40 heading east. ETA to Winslow was about 7 hours if they only stopped for gas and to take a pee. It looked like your typical retired vehicle get up, matching paint job, SAM Club sticker on the back and all the states it had supposedly been to as well. They would rendezvous with team one and make the change then head back to Vegas and wait for further instructions. The special equipment in the underside of the trailer could outfit a small army in any third world country in the world. They had the state of the art weaponry, automatic shotguns with grenade rounds that could reach out and touch you at 175 meters, firing 300-400 rounds per minute, the armies latest 240B machine gun with the latest barrels capable of firing for almost 2 mins straight on full auto with no jamming. Strangely enough all of this was available on the open market for the right price and it was mostly legal, mostly. There was enough computer equipment in the trailer to run an off shore bank if you really had to with all of the latest encryption toys to go with it. All of the STACOM equipment antennas were hidden in the roof right next to the solar panel back up electrical. There were three generators hidden in the side panel of the trailer and 2 50 gallon diesel fuel tanks to run them if needed. And finally the whole thing was lined with enough military grade C4 insulation top to bottom and both sides to completely obliterate the whole rig if the need arose. The truck was armored enough to withstand a .50cal bullet at close range, it was also outfitted with a comms package and additional fuel tank, and radios. Hidden compartments throughout the vehicle held other goodies if needed. Mr. Brown Senior had pulled all the plugs when he built this baby for action. As they say in the cat skinning trade, there’s more than one way to skin a Cat and the Cats they were after had a few to many lives to live before they gave up the ghost.

Two oriental gentlmen were sitting in an office atop a multi million dollar Tokyo hotel in the middle of town. They were both staring at a computer screen with encrypted software running in the background. The voice on the other end sounded like he was talking under water and the picture looked that way as well. The encryption was state of the art and an out of focus picture was the result. Voice comms were more important at this time in the transaction. The voice on the other end looked up from a desk and said Alright gentleman lets get started.
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Old 22nd February 2008
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Mr. Brown Senior was looking through some old photos of his friends and a few ex-friends since he was in a melancholy mood at the moment. The time had come to make a decision on succession for a position he was not all together sure he wanted to pursue. He had talked to his brother in few hours ago and was still digesting the information he had gleaned. Things were more diluted and fuzzy then he realized. Apparently the involvement of this operation was in deed at the highest level. Higher than even he had anticipated, not that that made a real difference where he intended to go with his issues. Issues, he had always liked that word it could cover almost anything you wanted it to in almost any way you wanted. There were thirty five different definitions in the online dictionary of what that word could mean. His favorite was the “ultimate result, event, or outcome of a proceeding, affair, etc.: the issue of a contest.” The ultimate result. In his business ultimate result was what he always strived for. But in this case that result could have repercussions the world over.

The Senators daughter was not even close to the tip of the proverbial iceberg, hell she wasn’t even a freakin snowflake on the berg, but just out on the outer fringes. A simple cause and effect casualty of the current situation. Brown Senior would spend the next two nights working to solve the dilemma he was faced with. This simple lesion removal had become very, very complicated. His brother had sent him a coded line that would allow him to continue his research on another account through a different net, Johns account actually. That way he could search in house so to speak with limited impact on who was attempting to keep him from finding out what he wanted to know. He would have to use it sparingly. He had access to a government hacker who worked special assignments and in this case would cover his tracks as soon as he made them. Johns would never be the wiser for the intrusion. His brother had made it very clear that he could only hold the account for a few days then it would have to be discontinued before suspicions were aroused. His brother also disavowed any knowledge of what he was doing should he be found out. Typical operating procedures, deniability was key in this business.
Brother was another term that Brown Senior liked more than any other, it to had many manifestations. Blood relative, brother as in a religious or ethnic term and then there was the one he liked the most, brother as in an order that shared like interests and would do anything to help out another brother in need even unto death. He and his brothers had come to that end several times in the past, most of them now due to deteriorating health and old age but a few like himself were still very active.

No it wasn’t like the masons or other typed minded groups, this group was very select less than 20 when it first started and now not more the 40 or so. There were no ceremonies or rights or even campy slogans to remember. The group was too specialized for those Hollywood movie credos. The only way into the group was if one of them left as in died, was killed for what ever reason or retired to another level of the same group. Active or inactive there was no other membership. Brown Senior had been looking at both options for a few years still not quite deciding which way he wanted to go. The inactive members stayed members until they departed this life. However they could be counted on for help if the need arose. You never really left the group once you were in. Interests were to intertwined, loyalties were set in stone, deep stone and treachery was never tolerated. As a matter of fact there had never been a treacherous act since the group started. The costs were simply to high, both financially, physically for the member and his family members. Not just the immediate family members but all of them down to the 2nd cousins on both sides, spouses, children, grand children, dogs, cats, fish, everything would be removed if a member turned on the group in any fashion. The screening method ensured that there was never a need for the ultimate demise of any group member. Membership to this group was not something you signed up for and waited to be contacted. The group would contact you if they thought you were worthy enough to be considered. The process could take years. Once contacted it could take a few more years for membership to be fully considered and a prospect always had the chance to refuse membership if they felt their entry into the group was not for them. No further questions would be asked, ever and contact would never be initiated again, ever.

Only one membership had only been declined to date and only because the prospect had had a heart attack while banging his secretary in a sauna. The heat of the room and the heat of passion didn’t agree with him.
Membership was not restricted to age, sex, gender or religious belief although most of them were probably atheist at the core. As a matter of fact the most aggressive member was a woman out of Canada. She was very shrewd in all her dealings but then that’s why she was asked to join in the first place. Although she was a woman she was still a brother just one of those little quirks of the group.

Brown Senior remembered his own entry into the group. He had just returned from a hunting trip to Argentina and was in a bar having his favorite drink, an Amoretto sour. A man he didn’t know sat next to him and started some small talk. Brown was not one for small talk and told the stranger as much. Yes he said he had heard that and thanked him for confirming the information he had on him. A that point Brown downed his drink, got up and left the bar followed closely by the stranger. He headed for the stairs and waited for the man to come in passed the fire door, his knife at the ready. The stranger entered the door and Brown grabbed him in a head lock and pressed the knife into his flesh deep enough to draw a trickle of blood right at his carotid artery. The man never flinched or tensed. He simply allowed himself to be handled. Brown spoke with a whisper- you have 5 seconds to convince me not to slit your throat, time starts now. The man never flinched he simply said one sentence. Your Crotch. Brown then felt the knife against his femoral artery. He did the only thing he could, he let the man go spun him around and said Congratulations you get to live and so do I, now who the hell are you and what do you want.

After a brief introduction the man identified himself as a Mr. Coffee. Brown chuckled and said sure of course you are. Later he found out he was telling the truth. They went up to Browns hotel room where Mr. Coffee let himself in with his own key. I own the hotel was all he said as he entered the room. Brown stood in the door way for a minute and thought well what have I got to loose this guy obviously has something on me and I have nothing on him so he went in. Mr. Coffee ordered a dinner cart and some champagne for the talk they were about to have. Mr. Brown my first name is Josh, not Joshua, just Josh please call me that from now on. May I call you…. Jenks, just Jenks, I never did like my first name. Very well then, Jenks I have been authorized to make you an offer that you can refuse. Brown laughed again, this guy was a real card.

A few years later he was in the group. Josh was very direct and to the point. Jenks had some unique qualities that the group admired and wanted as part of their retinue for operations. Additionally they were prepared to set him up in a business of his choosing, which they all ready had in mind and they knew he was heading that way when they contacted him. They would also provide all financial support until he could contribute to the group as a whole. When he asked for 5 million up front Jenks never batted an eye he simply asked for Browns account number in Zurich. The money would be available within the hour. Jenks made a smart aleck remark that he should have asked for more. Josh looked at him squarely and simply said ok how much do you need? Jenks stood there looking stupid. Josh broke the silence and reminded him they would front as much cash as he needed to get started. Jenks looked at him for a few minutes and said he may ask for more later. Not a problem Jenks just let me know. Brown realized he was into something he thought he knew about. He did ask for 3 million more which made a huge difference in his operation and the level of client he could handle. That was over 40 years ago. Back then a million was a huge amount of money and still is by most peoples standards. It took Brown 6 years to get the money back to the group, thanks to the fact that many of the lesions he removed were for the group members. They never asked for a time line nor did they ever say anything when it was repaid. They simply knew he would be good on the loan. Josh had retired a few years ago, old age was catching up to him, but kept in touch.
Enough reminiscing he coded his other laptop, looked up and saw the two oriental men on one side of the split screen and two others he knew by name on the other side, one of them was taking to the two men sitting together, gentleman lets get started…. None of the other parties new he was even there.
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Old 3rd July 2008
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Sir it appears that another unauthorized access has been made to the coded accounts you mentioned the other day.
I am not surprised and to be honest it happened sooner that I thought it would. Send time date and duration.
Last two days, once in the morning prior to 0600 and once in the evening after 1700 on both days, I can be more specific if you like, the intruder was logged on for three hours each time, information searched was all T level and two queries beyond in the R2 Alpha area but as far as I can tell no data was copied or downloaded only browsed.
Is the account still active?
No sir, it was a temp account that was processed through the Senate Arms Committee server.
Shit, You know what that means.
Yes sir who ever it was knows the system well enough to bypass are level four codecs and two way ten level security, obviously high up and attempting to cover their tracks, normally a temp account like this one has no affiliation with any names, users or standard recipients. I am fairly sure it is not a hack coming in sir, this looks much to sophisticated for that type of cut in. One thing though why they left the fact remain that it come form the senate arms committee is a bit troubling.
How so.
Well sir it means they really don’t care if there are scene which indicates a sort of anonymity and untouchable status. If I may be so bold they are thumbing their nose at us sir.
How many do we have in the system with those credentials?
Right now only 15 individuals and 2 agencies enjoy that status sir.
Let me guess one is the Arms Committee and the other is the presidential five.
Correct sir.
Have you tried a reverse trace on the line?
Yes sir no tracks which means it was all line coded, one use only and virtually no way to trace the data link. However there was one line code used that has not had a feedback line the other way.
Yes I know about that one but it is one of the unregistered types and at the present no way of knowing who sent it or where it came from. But I have a strong feeling our friends have been snooping around a bit. Take the data they searched off line and place it on one of the secure HDs in the vault.
Sir some of that info was web based…
Yeah go into those sights and delete that data. Who ever it was may want to try again later and I do not want them enjoying any further success. Contact agent Tory and apprise him of the situation. Tell them to be prepared to deploy the unit to the lower Nevada area for an operation that could begin with in the next 48-72 hours.
Sir, that has to be approved by Romeo LSE.
Yes thank you for reminding me, I have this pre-cleared and sending you the auth codes now. Standard delete procedures on this line for this operation terminate now send completion code when complete.
Yes sir.

Jones sat back in his chair and starred at the wall. Well hell what am I going to do now? He thought to himself as he rocked back and forth. Brown had obviously seen fit to ignore his warning and now he was being forced to act the hard line. Add to that a connection to the committee that had a way into to the highest level areas he had and possibly beyond that. He picked up the phone, coded in the release key and dialed the unregistered number to Tory.
Tory, Jones I am sending data in the unusual manner, send back on receipt and the possible courses of action you plan on using with in 24 hours.
Wilco, anything special?
Yes, definitely yes on this one. Top level you will have your hands full. Make no mistake this is the best in the biz and will be well aware of your coming and going form the beginning. Suggest you use the non standard decoy methods and change daily. This is not a student but the teacher.
Roger understand all, anything further.
Yes good luck your going to need it with this one.
One last question before terminate, what level of force authorized?
All to include class 8.
Roger class 8, I will need special…
Yes and I have it approved as well. Contact only when mission is complete once final has been given.
Wilco all, out here.
Class 8 was a military supply term for medical supplies, but in this case not the kind to help keep them alive but the kind that makes sure there are forever dead. I this case in covered the whole gambit of poisons, toxins, nerve agents, bio agents and what have you to eliminate a target everything short of a backpack nuke but that would be overdoing it just a bit.

Mama there is a man in a car sitting on the other side of the street looking at our house again. Katie looked out of the front window but did not see the car at first.
Again what do you mean again/
Well I saw him the other day in front of Misses Apples house.
Are you sure it’s the same one honey?
Pretty sure it’s the same color tan and the man is wearing those funny glasses.
Which one is it baby?
The tan one on the corner, over there, Tia lifted her little hand in the direction of the car.
As soon as she put it down the car started and move don down the street.
Ok honey go back to your room while I call the police.

A man in a non descript tan for sedan looked in his review mirror just in time to se a beautiful but irate mother holding a cell phone in her hand attempting to write down his license plate number. As he rounded the corner he reached for the mic on hi slap.
Roller to rover, the little girl just pointed me out, I am moving to rendezvous 1.
Rodger be there in five on the back street alley headed your way.
A few minutes later an older looking man in typical Bermuda shorts, loud Hawaiian shirt, and baseball cap got in the tan sedan and headed to the hotel room at the sagebrush in.

The men changed clothes and checked out of the hotel.
Well lets head out and get a different rental this ones been made.
Yeah that little girl is a lot sharper than I gave her credit for. The mother is pretty sharp herself and damn is she a momma hottie.
Easy rover we are only here to watch and if need be snatch and grab.
Yeah I know but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream does it?
Keep you mind on the target we may need them later and we don’t need your trouser snake getting in the way, you comprende hombre?
Yeah, yeah I comprende. Man my Spanish sucks.
Did you get the cameras in place?
Yeah its in and so is the back up, solar batteries are charged and in the green. Will have to put in the GPS later in the week. She has a schedule oil change at the Jiffy Lube on Wednesday at 1000.
I have a line on a 2 bedroom rental at the end of the block that will be available this week end.
Great does it have cable? I will get very bored watching the kid and her mom for the next god knows how many weeks. Roller shakes his head turns up the radio and turns on the remote sat link view screen that is linked to the camera that is trained on the front of the house and the one in the living room. Tia is watching Sponge Bob. Her momma is holding a cell phone in the front yard talking to a sheriffs officer and she looks pretty pissed to boot.
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Old 21st May 2009
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fireman4c will become famous soon enoughfireman4c will become famous soon enoughfireman4c will become famous soon enoughfireman4c will become famous soon enoughfireman4c will become famous soon enoughfireman4c will become famous soon enoughfireman4c will become famous soon enough

OK almost a year???? More to come?????
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Old 27th May 2009
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yep but work is taking a toll
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