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Old 1 Week Ago
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IXL2Relax IXL2Relax is offline
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Originally Posted by Nate.evans View Post
Nothing was connected to the generator for test #6. Both regulator wires were disconnected like the test said.

I never did test 7 as it didn’t even pass test 6. I figured there was no chance it would pass test 7 if it was only producing ~30% of the voltage it should be (.6v instead of over 2v) during test 6.
Well - My thought was this...

Even though it is not producing at the level Mick suggested, which is a function of the residual magnetism, by grounding F terminal you would more fully energize the field coil to build to maximum output...

Perhaps there is some variation in the amount of residual magnetism in different model generators that would account for a variation in that low voltage --- --- but I would try Test#7 just the same - to see if the generator would build up to a voltage near the proper range...

For me, I'm still trying to make sure you are not replacing something unnecessarily so I'm suggesting thoroughly testing each piece until I'm 99% sure it's good or bad...

If you can confirm the generator works - then the regulator is certainly suspect...

I would certainly expect a new generator & new regulator to get you to a functioning situation - brianbbs67 suggested "replace both with the Cycle Electric products and be done. They are a little pricey , but work as described . I have them on all 3 of my early sporties."

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Old 1 Week Ago
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Nate.evans is an unknown quantity at this point

I initiated the return process for that generator. Now that I know my wiring is good, I'm going to quit messing around and just get the Cycle Electric. Oddly, in every other facet of business I always preach "you get what you pay for" and I should have known a $140 generator, even if it was an "oem manufacturer", was too good to be true if the "standard" is close to $400.

I'll be ordering the Cycle Electric later this week and HOPEFULLY that solves all the issues....
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