View Full Version : It's not a Sportster but...

26th February 2005, 13:29
This is one great bike..


Here's a link to the story;

Shark Doctor
26th February 2005, 13:32

I like the bike... but I am also curious about the site where it was photographed (go figure!). Where is the cobbled beach located? :laugh

And I DO like the bike...

26th February 2005, 14:00
First time I've ever seen a Duke as a chopper. Looks mean. I like the way the motor is an intigral part of the frame, ala Vincent. It is definately NOT your typical, cookie cutter chopper.

26th February 2005, 15:18
That's AWESOME!!!

Who'd a thunk?

27th February 2005, 16:12
I've seen those bikes before, 13 choppers or something. Looks like a bad japbike chopper attempt. I like the idea of using a duck motor in a chop, but that ones not it. The rear fender looks horrible, that long swingarm part of the frame, well, just the whole frame is bad, the floorboards don't go with it, and I'd expose the belts onder the sidecovers, just me. Sweet beach location though.