View Full Version : Anyone get the Krkn. Adjustable cruise pegs yet?

22nd May 2007, 16:20

I'm about to order these, anyone know if they're wider than the handlebars?
EZ install? Something I can pop on and off in 5 minutes?

22nd May 2007, 16:53
You can click on the installation link that is on the same page you have listed.

I did see them when I stopped at J&P.
They look nice, well built but I need the earlier model so I'm waiting.
They look to be worth it.

Don't know why they came out for the newer bikes ('04-'07) when they had 20 years coverage for the earlier models.
I have the Kuryakyn Forward Controls and can't use the present day highway bars. I have to wait for later summer for their release.

I think you'll be happy.

27th May 2007, 01:02
wow, them look nice !

3rd June 2007, 19:54
They should arrive any day...I'll keep ya'll posted!
PS - I got the large stirrup heelrest pegs with em for an xtra c-note

3rd June 2007, 20:12
Can you post some pics too once they're on?

10th June 2007, 16:22
My Roadie is all fixed and ready for this trip, I'll get them on with PIX for all
probably Tue or Wed sometime.

Oh, I got the nice stirrup type pegs as well,.

Y'all think a fold-out allen pocket tool is good enough for quick take-offs?

15th June 2007, 02:02
OK, they're on!!! They are truly freakin' gorgeous,
I'm bustin my balls just to get out of town in the morning and I'll take plenty of pix when I'm on the road WESTWARD!!!!!

PS - the Garmin Zumo was easy to wire and mount, it looks handsome as well....

15th June 2007, 03:17
Look forward to the pics. About all that I carry on 200 to 300 mile trips is a screwdriver and a set of allen wrenches.

We just put a Zumo on my wife's Honda last week. The thing is awesome!