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Things are looking better.

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Posted 28th March 2012 at 18:30 by Baphomet

I decided to post what has been going on in my world lately. Not too long ago I posted a blog entry describing our financial crisis. My wife had lost her job last year and is still (sort of) unemployed and her pay check was at least 60 percent (if not more) of our income. We had to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and for all I could tell we were on the verge of losing it all. While my wife was drawing unemployment AND after bankruptcy our cash outflow was about 200 dollars more than our income each month!! We had wiped out our savings months ago and we never had more in the bank than what we owed.

On the verge of disaster God opened up His blessings to us. We never became bitter over what was going on and in a reserved but thankful attitude we excepted the fact that we were going to lose a lot of property including our house and motorcycles in order to survive on my meager salary alone. I should point out now that it was my fault we were in such a predicament. Poor financial planning got us here, and I hold the purse strings.

But I digress. During the bankruptcy it came to light that Christy (my wife) had real estate her mother had left to her. Christy had always been under the assumption that her interest in the real estate was taken for back taxes due. This part is a long story, but to shorten it up let me just say that as far as Christy was concerned her inheritance had no value and she never did anything with it.

The bankruptcy trustee seized the property and turned it over. Christy's sister had a half interest in the property, so the trustee bought out Christy's sister's half and used Christy's half to pay-off our debts that the bankruptcy court discharged. He then cut Christy a check for her half less the amount withheld to pay our creditors. In the end, Christy netted 37 thousand dollars!!

We have since used the money to pay off our cars and motorcycles so now we have absolutely no bills except the mortgage, utilities, and food. We are two months AHEAD on our mortgage payments and my salary alone can handle all the bills we are left with. Christy is still looking for work, but in the meantime she is substitute teaching full-time until she finds permanent employment. Every penny she earns goes directly into one of our money market accounts and we still have a substantial amount of money left in the bank.

I cannot express enough in words how utterly blessed we are. I have learned my lesson as far as financial matters go. I have become a good steward of our finances and now I am gearing up things so that my wife and I can retire in less than 10 years from now. I cannot thank God enough. God truly kept our eyes on those things that are really important and money took a back seat while we concentrated on the good things my wife and I have with each other. I can only suppose that God somehow saw that our situation did not shake our faith and He decided to bless us in this special way. Only God could have directed my decision making that led us to the chain of events that got us to this point.

I just thought I would share this with anyone interested. It is not often you hear of people these days who are on the brink of financial disaster get rescued. One thing I will never do again, and that is take anything on terms (loans and/or credit). If I cannot pay cash for it I just won't get it. I should have been that way years ago ... but like so many others I just had to have everything NOW. That thinking is behind me for good.
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  1. Old Comment
    Brad's Avatar
    Sorry you had to go thru the hard times, but that makes the bounce back so much sweeter ~ doesn't it!
    Posted 3rd April 2012 at 01:36 by Brad Brad is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Teehaml's Avatar
    Good for you Baph... I think the placing the thankful attitude into your thoughts brought more into your life.
    Posted 12th April 2012 at 02:08 by Teehaml Teehaml is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Phillober's Avatar
    it's always darkest before the dawn eh?

    Glad everything worked out for the better (a lot better)
    Posted 30th April 2012 at 06:00 by Phillober Phillober is offline
  4. Old Comment
    wilkin4's Avatar
    Wow, good to hear a story like this....
    Posted 7th August 2012 at 14:07 by wilkin4 wilkin4 is offline

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