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Building The Modern Prometheus

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Posted 7th August 2014 at 16:22 by Springman2007

I know, you’re saying, WTF are you talking about?

A lot of people do not know this, but when Mary Shelley first published her famous novel, commonly none as “Frankenstein” it was actually under the title, “The Modern Prometheus”. And, while most reader of the book see the monster itself as the center focus of the storyline; the truth is that Mary Shelley’s intent was to explore the morality of man in the day with a character study of “The Good Doctor” and monster’s creator.

I sort of can identify myself with “The Good Doctor” these days as I ponder building/upgrading my bikr - Blackie from a XL1200X (Harley’s official model number) into a XL1250M (the “M” stands for Monster).

A few motorcycle companies have made “Monster” bikes……Ducati’s is probably the most famous. But, Harley has never really ever taken that tact, they have always left/made that avenue open the bike’s owner. The initial intent of HD’s “Screamin Eagle” parts line was to facilitate and support such ventures – but, in general limits of the common street performance market.

And, my initial stage 1 and stage 2 configurations of Blackie following that given mindset. But, for the next jump, I want to go beyond………in the book, a phrase Marry Shelley used was “man unbound” comes to mind……more-over BIKE UNBOUND……..

I am sure most of you have seen the 1931 movie Frankenstein. The movie opens with The Doctor and his assistant stealing body parts. Well, I got my first body part in the mail. I obtained a set of Sportster EFI heads on eBay. They come from a 2007 XL1200R with about 24K miles on them. I will have the refurbished for Blackie’s next incarceration. I have been communicating with Aaron at Hammer on getting them setup with a probable "Crush" head build.

I have but for one key aspect in my 1250 build plan to finalize……….. I am still determining what brain Blackie will use - Aaron is talking me into using the Provision system as the THE BRAIN! ….more on that later.

Hang In There,

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  1. Old Comment
    I have to apologize as I have found myself in the Hospital.....

    So, not too much going on with building Blackie (my 2011 XL1200X) in to a 1250cc. I have talked a lot to Aaron at Hammer Performance and I think I have my plan down. As soon as I am out of the Hospital, I will most likely put it up here for everyone to give it a look.

    Hang In There,

    Posted 8th August 2014 at 23:36 by Springman2007 Springman2007 is offline

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