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Old 7th March 2012
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screamnXL screamnXL is offline
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Clyman, WI
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Sportster/Buell Model: 1200
Sportster/Buell Year: 2000
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Default No blinker flash.....

I gutted my '00 sportser 883 just last fall to have the tins painted and new blinkers/tail light installed. Now that I have everything and installed I turn the key (with out starting it). I don't remember if the blinkers flash or not but now they just stay on (not flashing) depending which blinker button you push. I have yet to start it due to still being in the basement and still need gas and oil. If there suppose to blink with the key on what would be the issue? Flasher bad? The 4 way flashers work with the key on. I did how ever remove the harley tach befor I had blinker issues.

Any ideas....?
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Old 9th June 2012
OzzieBob OzzieBob is offline
Join Date: Dec 2010
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Sportster/Buell Model: 2001 Sportster
Sportster/Buell Year: 2001
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OzzieBob is an unknown quantity at this point

I have a similar problem and had it before and fixed it and the fix lasted for two years. But with frosty morning riding its back again. I had a quick look at it this afternoon and thought it was fixed again but it isn't. Gone from not turn on at all to being on solid.

Here's a quick test you can do. Remove a blinker bulb and turn the other three on. If I do that they always work and flash and it doesn't matter which bulb I remove.

Makes me think its a power draw issue somehow connected to the white module that auto turns off the blinkers.

Im not certain but I may have by-passed the problem last time by putting in one blub that drew less power. Looking at it to day one bulb was slightly different to the other three and I now recall I did something like that and it worked so I left it.

Came on-line because I recall I did post something about it back then ... probably two years ago ?
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