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Health and Fitness Here you can post and discuss health and fitness.

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Old 19th May 2011
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Default Marine Corp Prep Training

Just thought I would share with you guys I'm leaving for the corp. Waiting to get my test asvab scores up a bit higher (looking for a 90+) and my physical toughness up A LOT.

Also getting rid of a bunch of bad habits.....
Stopping smoking (Havent had a cigarette in 2 weeks )
Stop biting my finger nails (Putting on this nasty tasting fingernail polish and it works)
Sitting up straight (Thats a work in progress)
Getting 8 hours of sleep a night (thats alot harder then I thought, I am used to only getting 4-5 a night)

Looking to be in Basic training around christmas. Once I take my asvab and hit meps I will get into DEP and get my enlist my date.

Looking to get 25 pull ups, Sub 18 minute 3 mile, 100+ crunches 2 minutes ( already successful!)

I will be taking some pictures of myself and seeing how I do after 30 days. I will keep you updated. ( Already been on this program for a week but want to see 30 days time)

But working out hard. Only 1500 calories a day.... only

Cycling 30 minutes a day with between 300-500 calorie burn

Isolation muscle training.

Rest Monday and Tuesday (cardio only)

Wednesday - Chest (Cardio Abs)
3 sets of bench press
3 sets of incline bench press
3 sets of decline bench press
3 sets of incline dumbbell flies
3 sets of cable cross overs

Thursday - Quadriceps (Cardio Abs)
3 sets of squats
3 sets of quadricep extensions
3 sets of leg press

Friday - Back and Calves (Cardio Abs)
4 sets of pull-ups
3 sets of lat pull downs
3 sets of barbell rows
3 sets of single arm dumbbell rows
3 sets of donkey calf raises
3 sets of seated calf raises

Saterday - Arms (Cardio Abs)
3 sets of seated double arm dumbbell curls
3 sets of easy bar curls
3 sets of tricep extensions
3 sets of standing tricep pulldowns
3 sets of 21's

Sunday - Shoulders and hamstrings (Cardio Abs)
3 sets of stiff dead lifts
3 sets of hamstring curls
3 sets of military press
3 sets of standing dumbbell flies

warm up set
medium set
heavy set

If anyone has any input or help in getting me to my goal let me know.
1987 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 conversion 1250. Python 3 exhaust, S&S super E Carb, Ported and polished heads, Ported intake manifold, ev3 Cams, Dunlop 401 F, Dunlop K591 Rear, Dual disc front brakes, Progressive front springs, Rear 401 springs/shocks.
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