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Old 29th April 2012
Tbolt Tbolt is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
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Sportster/Buell Model: Buell XB12R
Sportster/Buell Year: 2007
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Tbolt is an unknown quantity at this point
Question 2007 XB12R cams

Newbie on here, and must admit have been mainly a two stroke/ 4 cyl owner since 15 when I started my interest in bikes.
Got my Buell 2yr old for a second bike & dual seat, and enjoy the unique design/ innovations made in building her.
A completely different bike in many ways from my (RC45), but love them both, and stands out a bit over here in the UK as not many came this way I think.
2007 being the last yr of the XB12 here as the 1125 was then introduced.

Looking to purchase a set of cams for my XB12R (2007) having bought a NHRS 1250 kit,barrels/pistons and want to get the best performance/ reliabilty I can from them. have all the usual mods - airbox, exhaust, breather, ECM - race map etc,
Have been recommended to get N4/8 (if they fit?) and possibly hand ported heads, although I believe the Buell thunderstorm heads are modified standard ones already!

Contacted Andrews direct, but not having much joy. They state "the XB requires special order cams,the N4's are not the same part numbers as shown in our catalog for XL engines, but we can do any of our lobe profiles for an XB engine. The N4 would be best suited for 9.5-10.1 & N8 a 10:1 compression ratio.

Little confused as some listed on ebay state they are for sporster/ Buell


item: 400292379701 and similar

Too add more confusion, have been told:

When fitting Andrews cams into a 2000 or newer XL you have to use 1991-1999 ones as there are no pinion gears made for 2000 and up XL/Buell ( red colour size), and so you must use the earlier pre 1999 ones - these must be used to stop engine whine.

Will be looking for some new or s/h heads or having mine ported in the future,( if I can find a suitable set - but again a little confusing which will fit and are the best for my bike)?

Any ideas/ recommendations/experiences appreciated!!
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Old 30th April 2012
pdoehn pdoehn is offline
Join Date: Dec 2011
Posts: 2
Sportster/Buell Model: 1200 xlh
Sportster/Buell Year: 1997
Reputation: 10
pdoehn is an unknown quantity at this point

Contact NRHS. They just came out today with their own cams that should be just what you are looking for.
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Old 22nd May 2012
maru's Avatar
maru maru is offline
Senior Master Custom Bike Builder
Join Date: Oct 2008
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Sportster/Buell Model: Buell S1
Sportster/Buell Year: 1997
Sportster/Buell Model #2: Buell S2T
Sportster/Buell Year #2: 1996
Other Motorcycle Model: Moto Guzzi California
Other Motorcycle Year: 2003
Reputation: 122665
maru has much to be proud ofmaru has much to be proud ofmaru has much to be proud ofmaru has much to be proud ofmaru has much to be proud ofmaru has much to be proud ofmaru has much to be proud ofmaru has much to be proud ofmaru has much to be proud ofmaru has much to be proud ofmaru has much to be proud of

The XB cams are different than standard XL or even pre XB Buell Cams. The timing dots are different and the ignition cup locating slot is different. The earlier Buells can use XL cams or vice a versa. The pinion gear has to match, but you should be able to get cams that match your pinion ratio if you order from someone that knows what is going on. It is also possible to change the pinion, but it is more work and there is more to go wrong. It is even possible to use XL cams in an XB, but it is not really something for a first timer. I would recommend buying the correct cams, even if it means paying a bit more.

The cam you have is comparable to the se .551 xl grind as far as cam timing goes.

The se.497 aka as an n4 is not going to make enough difference over the cam you have to make the effort worthwhile, they are both drop in grinds, the n4 was designed to get the most out of the earlier spring packages, that is why it has less lift.

With the pistons you are intending to use the XB version of the se.536 will give you a decent gain. The se .575 may give you a few more hp on top but you might need a valve spring upgrade.

There are some new grinds coming out that show real promise, but make sure you get a set set up to run in an XB. There are cams on the market with timing dots and ignition cup locating grooves that can be used in both an xl and an xb. steve
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Old 22nd May 2012
NRHS Sales NRHS Sales is offline
Join Date: May 2005
Posts: 2
Reputation: 48
NRHS Sales is an unknown quantity at this point

As Maru said, the only cams available for an XB besides the stock ones are Redshifts and they are expensive. For your build the stock cams you have now will do very well so I recommend you just stick with those.

Revolution performance also has a set for around $330 but you will need at least stage 2 headwork from us to use those as they have very high lift.
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