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Sportster Motorcycle General Discussion and Problems For discussing problems about your Sportster motorcycle that don't fit anywhere else.

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Old 15th May 2005
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Default Wave etiquette and HD snobbery rant

Hello all,

I've been riding my Sporty alot lately, and whenever I'm out and about I give the ole left hand wave to the bikers that I pass....all bikers, Harley's, crotch rockets, etc And they all way back.

But today I put some miles on my little KLR 250 and did the ole left hand wave and them dang Harley bikers ignored me, the crotch rockets still waved back.

That snobbery is bugging me, when I was growing up, as long as you were riding a motorcycle you were given the respect that your endangered life deserved (by other bikers).

But seems in these days of $20,000 bikes and riders with $100k incomes, there seems to be alot less respect for anyone not riding the designated brand. I still say anyone who puts their life in jeopardy by riding a motorcycle deserves my respect, no matter what they ride.

Rant over.

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