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Sportster Motorcycle Motor - Top End Discuss Sportster Motorcycle Top End issues. Rockerboxes, Valves, Cylinders, Pistons, Rings, Lift Rods, etc...

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Old 18th July 2017
Alundrah Alundrah is offline
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Sportster/Buell Model: Sportster xlh
Sportster/Buell Year: 1985
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Default Rocker gaskets

Okay I am putting some new james gaskets on my 85 ironhead and just want to run this past you all. After getting surfaces flush I applied yamabond to the head and placed the new gasket on there. I then put rocker cover on and evenly tightened it down. My thought is that I'll adhere first this side of the gasket and ler it set overnight. The 2mo I will remove rocker cover and apply yamabond to the cover and replace and tighten. I figure this way I have less chance of jostling the gasket around when I set the cover on. Does this sound objectional to anyone? I could have did both sides of gasket at once but I just didn't want it slip sliding too much as I push cover down into place. Also should would my first step of reassembling this bike to be putting the motor onto frame? Or should I atrach wire harness that runs along bottom of frame first? I know these are rookie questions, vut this is my first rebuild and do not want to take steps backward if I don't have to. Thanks for any help you may have. One way or the other, this bike is gonna be awesome when I finish!
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