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Sportster Motorcycle Air intake, Carburetor, EFI, Fuel, and Exhaust Problems, advice and/or how tos for Sporster and Buell motorcycle carburators, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), Air Intake, Fuel and Exhaust.

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Old 23rd October 2006
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Smile Carb vs exhaust farts

I remember reading that carb farts usually indicated a lean setting and exhaust farts meant too rich. I am beginning to get exhaust farts on deceleration. Besides leaning out mixture, anything else I should look for? 12500 mi on a 2001 hugger. Stage 1. all services done. Thanx.
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Old 23rd October 2006
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I remember reading, possibly on this forum, that leaks in the exhaust can cause this, during deceleration air is drawn in through the leak, check exhaust to cylinder head is sealed and all joints in exhaust system, good luck.

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