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Ironhead Sportster Motorcycle Talk (1957-1985) For all those that wanna talk about Ironhead Sportster Motorcycles

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Old 23rd September 2007
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Default Engine pinging when idling

Hi you all
When I start my bike in the morning I do it with a bit of choke on, and it goes in a fast idle about half a minute or so, but I'm thinking that there's some pinging goin on at this RPM. I've read that detonation is supost to happen when you pushing on the engine, like up the hill or something like that. Could it just be the thermal shock on the exhausts? How can I be sure that is detonation?
And if it is.. how do I stop it? I've read a lot about detonation but couldn't find a way to stop it.
Thanks in advanced
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Old 23rd September 2007
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I think the det'n is caused either by a lean condition or timing too advanced. I might be wrong on this as i am not expert or have a lot of experience with it.

I would wait for other opinions first, but consider reviewing the Setting Your Pilot Screw and Setting Ignition Timing Stickys.
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Old 24th September 2007
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Could your motor be stuck at full advance? Detonation at idle is very rare if not imposible. Most likely you are hearing something else.

Regarding engine mods, it all depends what you are driven by......
Bling, bragging rights, silky smooth power delivery, a little more peak power, violent power delivery,
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