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Thread: 2012 XL Forum North East Meet Up June 15-17 Galeton PA (Poll)
Would you like to participate in a Sportster / Buell riding weekend This poll is closed
Yes I'm interested and June 2012 works for me 70 88.61%
Yes I'm interested but would like a different month 8 10.13%
No, I don't want to meet and ride with a bunch of sportster folks I've never met before 1 1.27%
Voters: 79 100%

Old 21st November 2011  
Phaedrus Phaedrus is offline
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Default 2012 XL Forum North East Meet Up June 15-17 Galeton PA (Poll)

Just a poll to see who is interested in having a get together in June 2012.

I'm thinking the Ox Yoke Inn in Gaelton PA for a couple of reasons.

Its a fairly central location

I've been there before, not fancy but has cabins, motel rooms and some camping with showers available.

Lots of good riding in the area.

I'm also thinking June but lets see some poll results.

Generally folks arrive on Friday, check in and socialize including a bon fire.

Saturday people go off in various groups and ride all day, come back to the Inn and repeat.

Sunday everyone heads home.

No organized rides, t shirts or food (unless someone wants to step up)

Five Reasons, Why should I book a room in December for an event thats six months away? June 15/16, 2012

1) there is a 48 hour cancellation policy, and although they will take your credit card info, the card will not be charged until the day you arrive and in fact you could then pay with cash, or a different credit card if you so chose.

2) You will get a room that you like with respect to number of beds etc.
It looks like we will have a good turnout with most of the rooms in the Inn booked by us.

3) You will avoid the dreaded room #35

4) We will receive a 10% discount if we book at least 10 rooms and a 15% discount if we book at least 15 rooms. I have reserved a block of 15 to start.

5) They will only hold the block for us a limited time.
Mine and the Inn's life will be a lot easier if you book early

Room Booking Instructions

You need to call the Ox Yoke Inn

And speak to Megan Richards (no one else will do)

Tell her you are booking a room with the XL Forum

The Ox Yoke Inn is located near Galeton PA

Below is a two page pdf link with a list of each room and it's rate

Page two has the camping fees and yes you need to book that as well.

If any of you have questions or comments please post them up here, and I will get the answer so we can all get the benefit rather than a number of us calling the Ox yoke with the same question.

There is a restaurant and a bar located right on the premises with the restaurant open for three meals and the bar so long as its busy.

I suspect we will hang at the fire pit out back, in the eve as long as the weather permits.

They could set up a tent and cater a meal for the Saturday night, but that would then involve collecting money from each of you which I'm loath to do.

If someone else wants to step up send me a pm and we can go from there.

btw I'm booked


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