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Thread: TiggerStock 2012- Maryland/Virginia-July 20-22
TiggerStock 2012-Southern Maryland.. Are you In ? This poll is closed
Yes -I'll be attending 3 21.43%
Maybe - I Might be attending (list details below) 4 28.57%
No- I'll not be attending 7 50.00%
Voters: 14 100%

Old 18th June 2012  
ReddTigger ReddTigger is offline
Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: MARY Lund, YUK !
Posts: 15,176
Default TiggerStock 2012- Maryland/Virginia-July 20-22

Ok so the date's been set.

Weekend of the 20th of July.

Come one, come all.. Camping available in my back yard
Hotel Accommodations not to far away.

Going to extend it a little this year, People can arrive on Friday to allow for a full day of riding on Saturday (Plus a second night of partying)

Planning on riding around northern Va near Fredricksburg (might be willing to visit a historical site if enough interest)

So if you can make it, great. hope to see you there.


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