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bplinson 6th March 2006 13:32

How to insert pictures in your posts
(Copied from Gronk62's thread here: )

G'day ALL. I quite often get PM's from members wanting to know how to embed pictures from their XL Forum gallery into a post. About a year and a half ago I had absolutely no idea how to do it and I pestered Bert and John to help me understand the basics. I've decided it might be helpful if I put together this "HOW TO" with the addition of some screen shots to make it extra easy for those who are new all this techno geekery I hope the following will be of help.

Cheers, Phil
And here is the finished post..

RemnantRider7 16th June 2008 19:27

Insert Pics!
If I click on the insert Pic Icon in the reply box the url does come up But once it does I cannot scroll up or down anymore it locks up the screen window i do not understand how to open a new Window after i click the insert Pic and the url Propmt Box is displayed!!!!

gronk62 8th July 2008 06:48

Open a new window before you click the insert Pic and the url Prompt Box is displayed

RemnantRider7 10th July 2008 05:28

Thanks! For the tip !!!

18th May 2012 15:24

I've never been to a forum that made it so damn hard to post a my life............I'm out o fhere

vindog 8th November 2012 19:21

I agree- I have no idea how to even get my pics in my gallery????

Ratbob 20th March 2013 06:10

I cannot figure out how to upload pictures to my gallery. The FAQ says to go to the User CP the click add album however thats not popping up on my screen. Sorry to open this back up but im trying to open up a new thread of my build and cant do it without pictures.

rodhotter 2nd April 2013 15:50

just joined triumphtalk its sooo easy to post a pic i can't believe it

Renecito 29th May 2013 19:17

agree with ramjectb2. im outta here.

vspkent 17th June 2013 12:22

I have the( may not post attachments) in my posting rules at the bottom of the page. Whats that about ?

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