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Old 7th February 2011
Senior Master Custom Bike Builder
Scored: 10
Views: 15,108
Default Bike of the week for 02/01/2011 Tin Man2

This week's ride comes from Tin Man2 and it's a custom built hack...

Dennis built a custom sidecar so his wife Sandy could ride and it is sweet:

The Bike is a 1975 Iron-head I restored a couple of years ago and never rode much. My Wife can't ride a"normal"bike, so I decided to build a sidecar rig using frame building info I got on the ADV Rider forum. I found the Case farm tractor grill at an antique tractor show,modified it and built the body to fit. After a lot of welding, grinding, sanding and painting (took me half the summer), I'm happy with the results. The lean angle and tow angle are adjustable, so I'm sure I can dial it in for a slow cruiser come spring.

Excellent job and a great lookin' couple...


U.S. Army Veteran

--Mr. JIMI

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Old 13th February 2011
Great job, I love that sidecar. Great pics.
Old 14th February 2011
that thing is awesome!
Old 15th February 2011
Senior Custom Bike Builder
Its supposed to get up to 50 on Friday, Time for a Test Ride!!
Bike Painter/Restorer and Aermacchi Nutcase !
Old 17th February 2011
Senior Master Custom Bike Builder
Wow. Just Wow. Nice.
Lenster's 1250 2006 XL1250C, Hammer Crush Heads, 15 Degree Pistons, 10.5:1 CR, S&S Roller Rockers, Fixed Length Pushrods, Jim's Powerglide II Hydraulic Lifters, RedShift 585 Cams, Energy 1 Clutch w/ 15% Stronger Spring, Hammer Performance Billet Intake Manifold, Mikuni HSR 45 (25 Pilot, 157.5 Main, 96 Needle 2nd Clip from top, Y6 Needle Jet), Offset Crush AC, Cobra Power Pro HP 2:1 Exhaust and a Daytona Twin Tec TC88A with a Kickass Map by Rico 05R.
Old 18th February 2011
great ride hope yall enjoy it
Old 19th February 2011
Senior Master Custom Bike Builder
How was the test ride???
U.S. Army Veteran

--Mr. JIMI
Old 21st February 2011
Wow, that turned out great! Very nice fabrication, I love original pieces like yours, hope you and your wife enjoy it!
Old 6th March 2011
Riding with Angels
Looks Great!!!!!!!!!!
Old 24th March 2011
very,very nice...what made you pick the tractor grill? great job incorporating it into the side car(incorporating the sidecar to the grill?)any need to alter the shock settin(or shocks themselves) to make this work?
"the more i ride, the less likely i'll die in bed"
willyobiker-owner MYB farm and campground
Old 25th March 2011
Senior Custom Bike Builder
willyobiker, Thanks for your comment. The Tractor Grill idea came from my background and interest in old Farm Tractors. Every year my Brother and I attend a couple Tractor, Steam Engine and Stationary Engine shows. When I decided to build a Sidecar I just remembered the shape and picked up an old Grill at the Oakley Antique Tractor show in Michigan, Tractors and Harleys seem to go hand in hand.LOL.
Bike Painter/Restorer and Aermacchi Nutcase !


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