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Old 6th June 2012
~~RIP Johnny G~~
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Default Photo Of the Week 6/3/12 Top Fuel II

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of ALL Ages please allow me to introduce you to the NEW and slightly IMPROVED [Haha, j/k, Snowman!!]

POW - PHOTO OF the WEEK!!! Without further adieu I'm going to introduce this weeks bike...

TOP FUEL II by DP Customs

Top Fuel II is one bad to the bone Sportster. Started as a 1981 1000cc Ironhead motorcycle, thats about all you'll notice as stock on this heavily modified Sporty. If your into NASCAR, you may have deja-vu of Ned's #11 Ford Galaxie race car as endless hours were put into creating this scoot to pull off that feat.

The end goal?? DP Customs wanted to create an uncluttered, clean OLD-SCHOOL HOT ROD! They believe (And we concur) that they hit this one out of the ballpark!!!


Last, Top Fuel II was created as a tribute to DP Customs first ever rigid custom scooter, Top Fuel... I just thought I had to share the first version, which IMO Top Fuel II beats lickety split!!


As a footnote to this weeks POW, I'd like to announce that Snowman has graciously passed the torch back on over to myself as the curator of the weekly POW. (POW=PHOTO OF the WEEK) I did the POW for a year or so before giving the duty to Snowman... and he did a wonderful job sharing many, many motorcycles with us over the time he handled the POW honor. I'll be making a post in the XLForum, but I'm going to need LOTS of bikes to run here... Buells, Ironheads, Nightsters, ANY and ALL Sportsters & XL based motorcycles. PLEASE send me a PM if your bike fits the bill, and do respond if I send you a PM... this will be run WEEKLY, every Sunday without fail. Help me do my job well by sending over any Sporty that you think MUST be a POW!!! A special THANK YOU goes to Snowman of the XLForum for doing such a great job showing us many, many fine Sportsters.




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Old 6th June 2012
~~RIP Johnny G~~
I'll post first, I really think this is a top notch custom... I mean, whenever (I been saying it for YEARS) I chip up a sporty for a hard tail, mine is gonna be more rat than rod... But this one took no shortcuts, WOW. Nice flipping bike, right guys?!?
Old 7th June 2012
Senior Master Custom Bike Builder
I'd ride either one...

Absolutely badazz...
U.S. Army Veteran

--Mr. JIMI
Old 7th June 2012
Absolutely beautiful
Old 7th June 2012
outside the box racing
too clean for me

these guys are local to me and i have yet to soil their parking lot... got to fix that.....

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." - T. S. Eliot

TGB #8
#1999 1350 APS-PBG AMA/USFRA current
Old 7th June 2012
Senior Custom Bike Builder
I prefer the early version, Black works for me.
Bike Painter/Restorer and Aermacchi Nutcase !
Old 7th June 2012
If I lived local to DP they would get tired of me hanging out there. Alas I can only follow them on twitter.
Old 12th June 2012
Chief Harley Engineer
Great looking Scoot!
I'm partial to the blue with the white wheels. Go figure...

Nicely planned!!
Old 18th June 2012
I am the great Cornholio!
Wow, sharp looking bike and I really like those colors!
Check out my Blog for my trip reports:

"I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them."
John Wayne - "The Shootist"

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Old 24th January 2014
Senior Chief Know It All 1st Class
Nice! How are those tires on the highway?


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