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Old 27th November 2011
Senior Master Custom Bike Builder
Scored: 10
Views: 5,078
Default Bike of the week for 12-04-2011

This week's ride was brought to my attention by Quebeker. It is a bad azz ride that started out as a yellow zonker:

The owner is Dewil and he turned this stocker into a screamer. Here's William's story...

"A colleague bought a night-rod and that gave me some inspiration to buy a Harley. There was a sales contest at work with first prize an I phone 4. I decided to win the phone and also decided that if I didnīt win the phone I wouldnīt buy a bike. With these to prizes fueling me I worked hard so I got the phone and could justify buying the bike! I brought home a yellow sportster 883C in late November and got to ride about 2 miles with it before breaking out the tools. A nice bike for sure but where were the "sport" in this puppy? Along the project I learned to lathe, mill, weld, adobe illustrator and more... In the beginning of August I fired her up again and took her for a ride. A whole different bike I can assure you, not only by looks!"

The mods include:
* Buell XB fork swap
* Buell XB Front wheel (with Metzeler 130/80-17 tyre)
* Carbon fiber fender
* Milled triple tree (black coated)
* Lathed steering stem adapter, gold anodized
* Steering damper installed
* Clubman clip-on bars
* CNC grips
* Buell XB switches
* Custom-made throttle & adjuster (turned from brass)
* Buell XB master cylinder & brake. Adjustable brake lever
* Milled reservoir cap front & rear brake, black anodized
* Metmachex hydraulic clutch with GPZ-900 MC
* Acewell Speedo
* Twin headlights
* Milled rear mounts for foot pegs, black anodized
* Lathed shifting linkage, gold anodized (w carbon fiber tubes)
* Reinforced swingarm
* Progressive 412, 13,75" shocks
* Milled belt adjusters, gold anodized
* Wrinkle painted sprocket
* Sportster spoked rear wheel, black powdercoated (Metzeler 150/80-16 tyre)
* Moulded carbon fiber air cleaner & fuse cover
* Shortened rear fender
* Custom designed tank logo
* Chin spoiler installed
* Paint job (metallic gray with black "muscle car"- stripe)
* Bored cylinders 883--> 1200
* Valve job (bigger valves)
* Andrews N4 cams
* Homemade 2-1 exhaust, stainless steel 1-3/4"
* Delkevic muffler (with Yoshimura decal :P)
* Chopped cam cover
* Black wrinkle powder-coating on engine
* Braided stainless steel hoses
* Braided stainless steel brake hoses
* Harley black gas cap
* Kellerman indicators in front
* Kellerman indicators with brake light in rear
* Punisher CNC points cover
* Stainless steel license plate holder

I have milled and turned all parts on a lathe myself, as well as anodized them. The welds are TIG.
The whole build took from October -10 to August -11.

And now for the results...

Did I mention he's from Sweden? No turkey here folks...


U.S. Army Veteran

--Mr. JIMI

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Old 28th November 2011
Flat Track Racer
Not my style BUT is a great looking bike. You did one heck of a job! Most definitely a one of a kind.
Old 28th November 2011
Senior Chief Harley Engineer
freakin sweet. i love it
Old 28th November 2011
Great job! Not my kind of bike but, you've done a great job of making it yours.
Jim in Italy
'93 1200
4"Extended Jaybrake Forward Controls
58mm Inverted Wide Glide Front End
Super E Carb w/Forcewinder Air Cleaner
WetDreamz Pipes
Holographic Metal Flake Paint Job
Six Piston Jaybrake Calipers
16" Carlini Apes
Old 28th November 2011
Very nicely done, what a transformation.
I.B.A.#26543, Old age and treachery ALWAYS overcome youth and skill! ******** Growing old-Mandatory/ Growing up-optional. Men do not quit playing because they get old, they grow old because they quit playing
Old 29th November 2011
Senior Master Custom Bike Builder
not for me........... BUT I LOVE IT !!!!!!!
always a work in progress!!!!!!!!!!!

Old 30th November 2011
wow beautiful. a completely different ride just love it.
Old 30th November 2011
wow beautiful. a completely different ride just love it.
Old 30th November 2011
Senior Custom Bike Builder
Very Nice, You put the Sport back in Sportster!!
Bike Painter/Restorer and Aermacchi Nutcase !
Old 3rd December 2011
Wow. This bike is spectacular.

One of the best I've ever seen.
2006 XL1250C, Hammer Crush Heads, RedShift 585 Cams, RB Racing LSR 2:1. Coming soon: Mikuni HSR 45, Hammer Performance Billet Intake Manifold and Offset Crush AC.



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