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Old 26th February 2006
The XL Forum Host
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If you are using AOL or many other large Internet Service Provider email chances are you will not be receiving ANY email from the domain. AOL and other large Internet Service Providers are blocking emails from XLFORUM.NET and many other online forums.

Why are these Internet Service Providers doing this you may ask? It is because too many people who have subscribed to email notifications have reported the email they receive from XLFORUM.NET as SPAM instead of simply unsubscribing from the thread.

The instructions of how to unsubscribe from a thread are written at the bottom of every email sent out by The XL Forum does not send out SPAM. SPAM is unsolicited email from companies that in many cases you do not even have dealings with.

Also AOL and many other Internet Service Providers, in January 2006, began charging any outside domains or IP address a fee to send email to their users. What does this mean to you as a user? It means that you as a user will not receive ANY email from many people or companies that you wish to communicate with. In simple terms, if you use AOL mail you will not receive email from non-AOL domains unless the owner of that domain pays AOL and this is true with many other the larger Internet service providers

Don't believe it? this:

Yahoo will be next.

I for one will not allow AOL to embezzle money from me. So for everyone here that uses AOL, or any of the other Internet service providers that do this, if you want to recieve your XL FORUM email then I would suggest getting a GMAIL, Hotmail or another free email service account. I am not saying get a different ISP (but AOL is probably the worst ISP in the world), I am just saying that you may want to use a different email provider. If you would like a GMAIL account I have about 300 to give away at this time.

I will be manually activating accounts from new users with AOL and Yahoo email addresses. If you fall into this category and your account is not activated within 24 hours please send the admin an email BY CLICKING HERE


Germany Bert - Site Admin - Author of the FAMOUS THREAD 13!


AMA #961454

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Old 10th March 2006
Chief Know It All
The ONLY reason why I use AOHelL is because it's only 5 bucks a month, there is no DSL and I don't have cable just sattlelite, seems I might have to break down and find a new ISP, I'm pretty fed up with them anyway. Greywolf


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