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Old 21st December 2006
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XL Forum members qualify for a discount on every purchase they make at our store.

Update: Just enter the coupon code: xlforum in the coupon field when you check out.



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Old 30th December 2006
Happy Camper!
Master Mechanic
I purchased saddlebags for Don on Tuesday, used pay-pal. Don "Refunded" the 10% discount he offers to members that next day. (you pay the full price, not XL member in the notes page when ordering and Don kicks in the "refund. Very easy!)

The bags arrived via Fed-ex that Friday. They are "as adverstised" and fit and look good. For the price, I highly recommend the bags Don is selling.
07 XL-50 #870 Stage 1
06 VRSCR "Hyper-fast Touring"
Kansas City Missouri
λεγει αυτω ο ιησους εγω ειμι η οδος και η αληθεια και η ζωη ουδεις ερχεται προς τον πατερα ει μη δι εμου John 14:6
Old 18th April 2007
I just purchased an 06 XL883 and just joined the forum. I was looking at these bags on ebay and wondering if they were any good. I think I'll order a set.
Old 4th May 2007
Got a set of Bags from Don, very nice!
Old 22nd March 2009
ordered a set of saddlebags from Don on March 11th, they arrived in UK March 20th. Had £20 vat to pay in UK, bags are great, the price was fantastic !!!
Haven't tried them on the bike yet (It don't arrive til March 28th)


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