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Old 11th June 2009
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Default Sportster 12v outlet?

Since my 07 Nightster has a "Stater" and not an "Alternator" would it be at all wise to seek a way to install a 12volt "cigarette lighter" outlet for it? I plan to go on some perty long rides this summer (in some cases there will be several days camping in between conventional electricity solutions).

In the end, I don;t want a dead battery just because I wanted to get a recharge on the laptop while I'm on a days ride from one campsite to the next.

If there isn't a solution that I can get from tapping into the bikes stock electrical system. Does any other touring sportster owners have any tried and true solutions?

Thanks in advance =0)



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Old 11th June 2009
aww crap I posted this in the wrong place... delete it... my apologies


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