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Old 3rd May 2008
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Default Considering selling my ZX6R Ninja and getting the Nightster

First let me say whats up to everybody, I'm new here. and maybe someone can help me make my decision.I've been riding sport bikes since i was 21 and now at 33 I'm considering getting the Nightster. i went to the dealer to see/feel it person. i really like the way its looks and sits low. i can flat foot it. being 5-3 i tippy toe when stopped, its never been an issue tho. but it was nice to be flat footed. any way I'm going to Demo the bike on the 17th. and will make my decision then. has anybody here made the transition from Sport Bike to cruiser and can let me know if it was awkward. i know i can't ride a Nightster the way i ride a Ninja. thanks again.

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Old 27th July 2009
No. Do not do the Nightster. Horrible suspension and no ground clearance.
Mine WAS a bog-standard '04 883, given the 1200/Screamin' Eagle treatment. I also put on LONGER (not shorter) shocks for better bump absorption. I have better ground clearance, and slighter quicker steering; all of which is good. But when I get older I may sideline the Sporty and keep a BMW oilhead for the bumpy roads.
Has to be said, Australian roads are rougher than in the US!
Still and all, I am fond of my bike which I ride every day and prefer it to any other that I have ridden including Softails.
The Softies have that smooth ride, true. But they are are slower to turn and steer, than mine.
Old 26th September 2009
Hi Bonez

I got a Nightster 12 mths ago and I love it, my last bike was a ZXR750 Kawasaki.

You need to appreciate the Harley for what it is, great fun and dead cool but a completely different proposition than a sports bike. The low down torque and reduced lean-angle means the v-twin suits a more relaxed riding style, don't get me wrong it can still motor when pushed, they're not slow but you probably won't be doing track days on one. Horses for courses.

Take the test ride, keep an open mind and see what you think.

In an ideal world I would have many different bikes in the garage but for now the Nightster suits me fine.

Old 19th March 2010
I would say it really depends on what you want out of the bike. The nightster is very easy to handle for me and does well around town. However is you get up into the twisties you are constantly reminded you're riding a Harley.

It is a good bike but needs modification for long distance freeway or any kind of spirited riding. Thats the impression I get anyway. I think its much more comfortable to ride over a sport bike for for us short people. Even a standard bike has me leaning forward on my wrists but with the nightster I'm sitting up right.

If you want to ride it like a sport bike I think you will be disappointed but if you just want a bike to ride you may enjoy it.(after you get better suspension on it)


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