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Old 7th February 2011
Senior Master Custom Bike Builder
Scored: 10
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Default Bike of the week for 02/01/2011 Tin Man2

This week's ride comes from Tin Man2 and it's a custom built hack...

Dennis built a custom sidecar so his wife Sandy could ride and it is sweet:

The Bike is a 1975 Iron-head I restored a couple of years ago and never rode much. My Wife can't ride a"normal"bike, so I decided to build a sidecar rig using frame building info I got on the ADV Rider forum. I found the Case farm tractor grill at an antique tractor show,modified it and built the body to fit. After a lot of welding, grinding, sanding and painting (took me half the summer), I'm happy with the results. The lean angle and tow angle are adjustable, so I'm sure I can dial it in for a slow cruiser come spring.

Excellent job and a great lookin' couple...


U.S. Army Veteran

--Mr. JIMI

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Old 31st March 2011
Drag Race Champion
Full page in this month's Horse ... Congrats!!!! Well deserved.
As soon as you are born, you start dying. So you might as well have a good time. - Cake
Old 3rd April 2011
Senior Bike Builder
Great looking scoot,,,,,,Well done
Cafe' Dave...........................................Tac t is for those not witty enough to be sarcastic!

Catching a Yellow-Jacket in your shirt at 70mph
can double your vocabulary

In the morning,,Your motorcycle won't poke you in the back when it wants to ride
Old 3rd April 2011
Very nice !!
Old 21st April 2011
Amazing work...


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