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Old 6th December 2004
The XL Forum Host
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Default XL Forum Team (Premier) Membership

Here is more info on The XL Forum Team (Premier) Membership Program.

Question 1. Why did you start the Premier Membership program?
Answer 1. Because the cost of running this website is very expensive and in order to continue bringing you the ability to share information and receive help for your Sportster or Buell it needs to be on a powerful server that can handle the traffic that it is receiving.

When I started this website it was being hosted by a very inexpensive webhosting company. After about 5 months the membership and traffic of the website had become so high that the webhosting company had to take the website down to insure that their server did not crash.

Then the website was moved to a business package a differtent webhosting company. This worked for about a month but again the traffic began to crash their server and they had to take it down.

The way webhosting companys work is that they put 300-400 websites on one server. If this website used too many of the servers resources and crashed it, the crash affected 300-400 of their customers and this, as you can understand, is unacceptable.

The website was then moved to a server which is normally used by large corporations. On the Enterprise Server there are only 4 - 5 websites so there is less of a chance for one website to crash the server.

Finally the website was moved to a dedicated server that has only this website on it.

So, due to the rising costs of running the website I decided to start The XL Forum Team (Premium) Membership Program.

The XL Forum (Premium) Membership program creates the opportunity for the members of The XL Forums help support the website and ensure that it and the information available on it remains available whenever it is needed. It sure is depressing when you come to the forum and see that it is down because it was disabled by the webhosting company. By putting the website on a powerful server it will not go down and will be here for you always.

So if you believe that The XL Forums are providing you with a service that is valuable to you, I ask that you help to support it if you can. If you can't or do not want to that is okay also.

Question 2. What the heck is this gonna cost me?

Answer 2. The Premier Membership will be available for $40.00 a year or $25.00 for six months or $20.00 1 month. I lifetime membership is $300.00.

Question 3. What do I get in return?

Answer 3
1. Access to special sections of the website only available to the Premium Members.
2. Be able to participate in The XL Forum Contests which will only be open to Premier Members.
3. A lot more space for photos in the gallery and the ability to create personal albums. (only for yearly subscription)
4. XL Forum Team member designation under your user name in the forum.
5. All ads will disappear. (Except for the mini banners on the Forum Main page and the mini banners on the left side of all pages).
6. Less restrictive signature configuraton.

Question 4. What the heck do you mean by "Access to special sections of the website only available to the Premium Members.

Answer 4. There are Video How To's and Tech Tips that are only available to Premium Members in the Premier Downloads Sections. More will be added as I create them.

Queston 5. How do I become a Premier Member.

Answer 5. This is done through PayPal via the links below.

We do not accept personal checks due to problems with bounced checks. Money Orders and Cashiers Checks are only accepted from US Banks since the banks where I live charge a large fee to cash a non-US bank Money Orders or Cashiers checks.

So there you have it in a nutshell. Any questions??

If you are interested you can use the following links to sign up:

Once you sign up you should immediatly have access to the entire website. If not please contact bplinson.

(If you use an ECheck via PayPal let me know so that I can activate your Premier Membership since my program does not automatically activate XL Forum Team membership for EChecks)

No refunds on cancelled subscriptions and XL Forum Team Membership does not mean that you can not be banned.

Yearly, 6 Month, and 1 Month subscriptions are automatically recurring until cancelled in PayPal



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Germany Bert - Site Admin - Author of the FAMOUS THREAD 13!


AMA #961454

Last edited by bplinson; 6th January 2013 at 16:24..

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Old 17th February 2012
Master Mechanic
thank you, this forum has helped me and i believe it is valuable resource to the sportster owners community.

just made an investment into my education, 1 yr subscription, thanks boys.
Old 26th February 2012
1 yr subscription, I think I will. Thank you sirs for all the great information. Certainly worth the price for a year. Can't wait to get my patch. I have a spot for it waiting and ready.
Old 23rd March 2012
Senior Chief Master Mechanic
All ads will disappear...except the ads on every page you view.

Hahaha, great shady business tactic.
Please insert here:
- Poor attempt at cleverness/humor
- One too many quotes
- Oversized pic of my ride & lengthy list of upgrades
Old 24th March 2012
The XL Forum Host
huh? What are you talking about?
Germany Bert - Site Admin - Author of the FAMOUS THREAD 13!


AMA #961454
Old 28th March 2012
Harley Engineer
Thanks! One year subscription and I'll renew every year for as long as I have a sporty. Its worth every penny considering all the money this awesome forum has saved me, I'll consider the life time membership if I get another sporty. Thanks!!

Oh and SuperTed what are you talking about, the ads all disappeared for me.
Old 29th March 2012
Senior Chief Know It All
Well worth the membership to this awesome I can post photos...yay
Cheers, Splineman
Old 15th April 2013
Just Re- signed up for the lifetime!!!!!
Somehow, I was bumped. Money well spent!!!!!
expect the unexpected
2003 1200 XLC Sterling Silver/ Vivid Black
Old 16th April 2013
The XL Forum Host
Germany Bert - Site Admin - Author of the FAMOUS THREAD 13!


AMA #961454
Old 22nd April 2013
One Years membership paid. Thanks for the great forum guys.
Old 26th August 2013
Senior Chief Know It All 1st Class
Hi Bert, great place you have here. So to prove it and for my 100th post. 1 year membership paid. Thanks, Jim


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