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Old 30th March 2012
Senior Master Custom Bike Builder
Scored: 10
Views: 6,597
Default Bike of the week for 04/03/2012 Hog Indo

Ok, I know I'm behind (better than being a behind...:-))) but this was worth the wait. Hog Indo redid his bike and now we have the latest version of a nice sweet sporty that can be ridden all day long and still shine...

Sonny tells the tale:

When I bought the bike it was pretty much stock other than mini Apes that the previous owner installed and bunch of chrome. Along the way I installed throw-over saddlebags, an auxiliary passing lamp kit, RK air shocks and a Softail gas tank with my goal that one day I want to make the bike look beefier, just like its sibling of the 2011 XL1200 Custom.

Fast forward to four weekends ago, I finally was able to finish the "project". Here's the additional stuff on the bike:
- Wide Glide triple tree conversion
- 16x3 Softail front wheel
- Fat Boy 100th anniversary fender

- 7" Fat Boy headlight
- Knucklehead handlebars

I'm pretty happy with the new look of my bike. The only one thing that I probably install in the future would be a fork brace.

Love the new look...


U.S. Army Veteran

--Mr. JIMI

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Old 30th March 2012
Riding with Angels
Looks Good i like the change

Old 30th March 2012
I am the great Cornholio!
Great looking bike
Check out my Blog for my trip reports:

"I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them."
John Wayne - "The Shootist"

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Old 4th April 2012
Chief Harley Engineer
Nice change! I like the 16 x 3 wheel you added!
Old 12th April 2012
Senior Master Custom Bike Builder
Nice lookin' bike!
Jim in Italy
'93 1200
4"Extended Jaybrake Forward Controls
Wide Wishbone Girder Front End
Super E Carb w/Forcewinder Air Cleaner
WetDreamz Pipes
Holographic Metal Flake Paint Job
Four Piston Jaybrake Calipers front & back
16" Carlini Apes
Old 16th April 2012
Awesome bike!!!How much did you pay for the trees and where did you find them?

Thank you!!!
Old 29th April 2012
Lost in Space
That looks great!!!!!!!


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