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Old 13th November 2016
Scored: 10
Views: 28,985
Default Bike Of The Week for 11-14-2016. doodah man's 75 Ironhead

Anybody that's ever needed help, or even peruse, the Ironhead section of the XLF, knows the name: doodah man. He's always quick with advice, help, and encouragement. But do you know his bike? His expertise comes from personal experience from owning and wrenching on this red beauty of a 75 Sportster. Here's what he told me: This is my first and only bike, PO said he bought it from a Pagan in New Jersey sometime in the early 80's. I have rebuilt the transmission, the top end, and currently will be replacing a damaged left case half from a primary belt explosion. Apparently it's the second time that has happened to this bike. It's the bike that just won't die! nor will I let it.
Ya'll enjoy the pics, and drop a line to encourage doodah in his efforts to bring this bike back to it's former glory!


[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Knees in the breeze.

Gamertag, PS4: Bikerdude__

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Old 13th November 2016
Drag Race Champion
Glad to see another '70's Ironhead BOTW.

Doodah will have that bike repaired and riding again in no time. Guys like him enjoy the constant maintenance and repairs of riding a vintage bike.
Good luck!
Old 14th November 2016
I have been revived
Congrats, Jeff!
Old 14th November 2016
The XL Forum Host
Very NICE!! I wish I had the knowledge and patience to own an Ironhead.
Germany Bert - Site Admin - Author of the FAMOUS THREAD 13!


AMA #961454
Old 15th November 2016
Sweet ride Doodah!
...Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right...~Robert Hunter/Jerry Garcia
(In honor of Ruby Red "Beebe")
Old 15th November 2016
That is one sweet bike you have there Doodah.
No fancy parts, just all you need.
Barry the Cantankerous old git.

Blue belt in Serious tea drinking.
Old 15th November 2016
Senior Master Custom Bike Builder
thanks all! it's a lot like a 2 year old, she will really try your patience, but when she's behaving, she's golden!!!
caution! do not stop on tracks.
Old 1st December 2016
doodah 75
Master Mechanic
question a 75 is NOT right side shift... did you change it back to RSS or motor has been changed or? I have a bone stock 76 you should maybe be next owner on.. 7600 miles with title.... in Ga..
Close to stealership display condition, with a lil TLC for sure .......
"A job and a wife has ruined many a good biker"
Old 1st December 2016
Serial Fettler
Lovely bike doodah, I hope you can get in fixed before too long.
Old 12th January 2017
Harley Engineer
Gee. that looks just well.


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