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Old 27th January 2017
Scored: 10
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Default Bike of the Week for 1-27-2017 big andy and his big build down under

When I feature a BOTW, I ask the owner to share a little story about the bike. This bike has a big story, which is fitting, since the owner is big andy! If you want to see his build thread, it's here: But when I asked about sharing his bike with us as BOTW, this is what he had to say:
G'day Flame . Thanks for the offer of botw . This is my story Back in 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma and was given less than 12 weeks to live. But was offered a drug trial which saved my life . I was on these drugs for three years many side effects but without them I would die . One of the side effects was it made me highly photosensitive and I could not go outside unless covered from head to foot .I had to live like a vampire sun on my bare skin was so painful it was like hot water getting poured on it so riding was very limited . After only three weeks on this drug I was cancer free for 38 months .This result is rearly seen on these drugs before . But it came back so them drugs were stopped . My doctor told me I can go on another new drug called Keytruda and so I did 4 infusions and the cancer was gone again and I am now starting my second year on keytruda and all is good . In between all this going on my trusty old sporty died and needed a total rebuild so I tore her down had the crank rebuilt and mains in stalled and set up in the cases . But that was where it stopped being on a pension and struggling to pay life bills my pocket was empty all my saving went into the bottom end . Unknown to me Dave (The masshole ) set up a go fund me page in my name ( Thank you Dave ) and with the kind donatios of fellow members the funds came in . Also Dave asked Hammer performance for help and Aaron sent me a note asking what I needed to finish the build .So my list was sent Aaron and he responded with no worried we got all you need and we can do you a good deal on it to . So the order was placed and paid for at an awesome price to by the way .So time now to make ready for the new parts coming yee ha . Delivery day came and the driver came to my door with a huge box and said here ya go mate well I looked at him and said you sure this is right I was expecting a box the size of a shoe box not a box this size he confirms it's mine and off he goes .I got that box inside and opened it up well I nearly fell over . Keep in mind I am expecting new rings/ gaskets/ a few bearings / Clutch pack/ Not anything as big as this box . So inside the box 1250 kit cylinders pistons rings all ready to go Billett pushrod tube holders/ manifold clutch tool/ tshirts stickers oil pump drive gear and holding tool and the list goes on and on . Thank you so much Dan and Aaron at Hammer Performance what you guys do for me I will be fore ever grateful. Without this help from the forum members and Hammer performance I don't think I would have ever got it going again not for a long time anyway .So everytime I ride I thank all of you so much . I have a thread on the build if any one wants to look but now she runs so well and is a pleasure to ride Again I must thank Dave (The Masshole) for starting this for me and Dan and Aaron at Hammer Performance these guys do care about helping people it's not all about the money sure they are a business and need to make money but they will do you a killer deal on all there stuff and help you all they way that I can assure you!


[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Knees in the breeze.

Gamertag, PS4: Bikerdude__

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Old 12th February 2017
Love reading your story Andy, partly because the romantic in me loves a happy ending, but also because it reinstills my faith in people. It reminds me that our sense of community, of helping others, of looking out for each other, is still alive and well. Also LOVE that you get to thoroughly enjoy your 2wheel escapes. Bike looks gorgeous too. Stay well and enjoy every day!
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Old 13th February 2017
Senior Chief Harley Engineer 1st Class
Thanks Trace Good people on this forum whom I owe a lot too
1997 1200s 1250 Hammer performance kit . Hammer performance billet inlet manifold .Hammer performance billet pushrod tube holders. energy one extra plate clutch kit . bronze oil pump drive gear upgrade
Old 6th March 2017
Senior Custom Bike Builder
Ah, shucks Andy, why you gotta go making me out to be some kind of nice guy!
I hope you are getting out there on two wheels (even if I'm back on 4). Your bike looks as good as always and I bet she's a blast to rip down the road on.
Tell Emma we said hi from the States!
Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when you try to land it.Evel Knievel
Old 16th March 2017
Good read! Awesome scoot!!!
expect the unexpected
2003 1200 XLC Sterling Silver/ Vivid Black
Old 28th March 2017
Awesome stuff Andy, your bike looks great. Glad it worked out for you. And bloody good stuff Dave (The Masshole) and Aaron and Dan at Hammer. Top fellas!
Old 9th May 2017
Awesome Andy
Old 17th June 2017
Senior Chief Harley Engineer
Nice little write up, love hearing about fellow riders coming together to help one another out, when things are tough. Dan and Aaron rock!

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